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Deborah Roccograndi


Phone: (570) 696-6671
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“I believe I excel at responding to buyers’ and sellers’ needs.”

Deb has been a Top Agent for Lewith & Freeman Real Estate for 8 years, and recipient of Best Realtor in the Back Mountain for many years.

Deb’s achievements in the real estate business are based upon her ability to relate to customers and really cater to their needs:

“I believe I excel at responding to buyers’ and sellers’ needs. I am always determined to find homes and properties that match clients’ wish lists. There are a lot of homes on the market…I think it’s my patience that sets me apart from other Realtors.”

Deb’s approach to realty has always been founded on patience and respect for the buyers’ and sellers’ needs. Consistently attaining over $1 million in sales for the Lewith & Freeman Real Estate Agency, Deb is a resident of Back Mountain who represents buyers and sellers in various locations throughout the NEPA area: Deborah has found homes in Dallas, homes in Plains, and homes in Wilkes-Barre for many clients over the years while also selling homes in these respective areas for nearly a decade.

When remembering her first sale, Deb admits she was a bit nervous at closing: “The buyer and seller didn’t get along, and were adamant on staying in separate rooms. It wasn’t the most pleasant first experience but it’s helped prepared me for the many trials you undergo in this profession.”

Ultimately for both the buyer and seller, Deb achieved exactly what they desired: leaving the buyer satisfied and comfortable in their new home, and a seller very glad to finally get the property off of his hands. Such is the case with any deal Deborah is involved in – no matter what the circumstances; she has an innate ability to close deals. As such, Deb frequently provides for new and return clients who are looking for homes in NEPA or attempting to sell their home. Deb is a Top Realtor for Lewith & Freeman Real Estate and deals primarily in the Plains, Wilkes- Barre, and Back Mountain areas.

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