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“Lewith & Freeman is a special company because they put their agents and customers first.”

Joyce is a true example of a “Power Realtor.”

A multi-million dollar top producer year after year, Joyce is a realty force to be reckoned with. Constantly engaged with multiple high-priority properties in the Hazle Township area, Joyce is one of Lewith & Freeman’s Top Performing Agents. Everything she does is for the client, and always has been.

Having relocated to the Drums, PA area in 2004, Joyce gained a new respect for those going through the relocating process; now, with every relocating client, Joyce takes it upon herself to be much more than a facilitator:

“Many of my past relocation buyers shop where I shop, go to the same doctor as I do, use the same vet, and eat at the same restaurants. It is really a great feeling to be able to give recommendations and really help someone reestablish their life and a make a strange, new place feel like home.”

This is the type of work ethic that Joyce brings to the table in every situation, buying or selling. Many of the single family homes for sale in Hazleton, homes for sale in Drums, and various properties in the Hazle Township area are all properties handled by Joyce. She juggles multiple clients, multiple home and property types, and several locations, all at once. When asked where she gets her motivation from, Joyce says:

“The relocation to Drums, PA really changed how I viewed my work. I gained a whole new appreciation for my career and realized that it goes beyond just selling a house…I am helping people create homes, lay roots and build memories.”

As one of the Northeast’s most successful Realtors and a consistent Top Agent for Lewith & Freeman, Joyce certainly looks forward to building these memories with her future clients.

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