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“Lewith & Freeman proves year after year that experience has its rewards.”

After 28 years in the real estate profession, Kathy Murray brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the table.

When asked what keeps her in the Real Estate business, Kathy says:

“Sales has always been my life, my career.” With a track record as strong as Kathy’s there was simply no other option than for her to become a Realtor. With over $3 million in sales annually, Kathy continues to shoot higher with each passing year. As the numbers continue to grow, so does her industry-related knowledge. Whether helping clients buying or selling a home, Kathy feels focusing on their needs and the local Real Estate market leads to a smooth transaction for everyone.

Kathy is the first to admit that this profession is anything but a walk in the park – being a Realtor of a similar caliber to Kathy is something that takes a lot of care, a lot to time, and a lot of patience. Having invested such an abundance of all of these things into her career, it is obvious that there must be some motivating factor; Kathy quickly answers:

“I have always loved working with and teaching people, so I seldom view it as a job. It’s my way of helping people”.

All of this is evident in her approach to real estate. Constantly engaging herself in conversations with her clients, Kathy believes that truly knowing the person can help in determining the correct approach to the buying and selling process. As a top agent with Lewith & Freeman Real Estate, Kathy is willing to help guide you through this challenging but rewarding process.

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