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“This business provides growth in that it builds resilience, confidence, and strength.”

Renee has used her extensive marketing and sales experience to make some great sales for Lewith & Freeman Real Estate Inc.

After 10 years in the real estate business, Renee emphasizes her interpersonal communication skills and listening ability as her two top characteristics – but what really separates Renee from other Realtors is her ability to truly know her properties, her buyers, and her sellers thoroughly and completely.

Renee’s artful property descriptions include inviting details, skills gleaned from her extensive educational endeavors at various institutions of higher learning, have often been more of a determining factor for buyers and sellers than even the most well-shot photographs.

Renee’s work ethic is nothing short of incredible: new and referred clients are constantly impressed with the way in which she navigates through the real estate market with ease:

“Friends in the business of realty spoke about their successes to me, and I was intrigued. I considered it a challenge. This business provides growth in that it builds resilience, confidence, and strength: all of these attributes are needed to truly be a successful Realtor.”

As a resident of Tunkhannock, Renee represents buyers and sellers of homes in Tunkhannock, homes in Dallas, and homes in surrounding areas. Real estate in Pennsylvania has reached an all- time high with Realtors like Renee at work – Lewith & Freeman, the market leader in residential sales, has been the top real estate agency in NEPA since 1921.

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