Terry Eckert


E-mail: ttseck@aol.com
Phone: (570) 696-0843
Office: (570) 696-3801×843
Fax: (570) 696-2075

“I care about my clients and I work my hardest to help them find happiness.”

Terry Eckert has been a Top Performing Real Estate Agent for the past 30 years.

As far as market knowledge is concerned, there simply isn’t a better-equipped Realtor in the entire business. A resident of Dallas, Terry represents buyers and sellers of homes in Shavertown, homes in Pittston, homes in Dallas, and homes in Hanover Township. Terry also represents sellers and buyers interested in acreage in Dallas, lots in Shavertown, and vacant land in Pittston. Terry also represents businesses for sale in the Plains area. Terry works from the Lewith & Freeman Real Estate Shavertown Office.

Consistently breaking the $2,000,000 mark in sales, Terry’s time in the business has led to her sharpened sensibilities in the field of real estate. When she’s not actively helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals, Terry spends her off-time volunteering with the Red Cross, Back Mountain Library, and the Dallas School District. She also enjoys decorating, gardening, and entertaining.

Terry attributes her success to her ability to provide the best possible service at all times to her clients. No matter when the call is received, Terry makes it an absolute priority to respond: not because it’s her duty, but because she understands how the market works – any delay in response time and you can miss out on the home, or the offer, of your dreams. Terry refuses to let this happen to her clients. When asked what has maintained her unerring trajectory towards accomplishment in the business, Terry simply says:

“Caring.” A simple sentiment: yet it is one that few buyers and sellers have ever been fortunate enough to experience. Without question, there is no Realtor you would want guiding you along the buying or selling process – just ask her about her track record.

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