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Harvey’s Lake, Pennsylvania

See new property listings and browse homes for sale in Harveys Lake, a six-square-mile area in the Back Mountain of the Wyoming Valley within the Lake Lehman School District. Both year-round and seasonal/vacation homes are available on the lake. Hiking trails, camp grounds, restaurants, and more are plentiful in the area. Locals love visiting Hillside Farms for homemade milk, ice cream, visits with farm animals, and more after taking a hike at nearby Ricketts Glen.

Harveys Lake was founded in 1781 during the Revolutionary War by Benjamin Harvey. At one square mile, it is the largest natural lake in the state of Pennsylvania. The lake was incorporated into Harveys Lake Borough in 1968.

Harvey, a member of the Sons of Liberty, was one of Wyoming Valley’s earliest settlers and discovered the lake after returning from Fort Niagara where he was a British prisoner of war. About a decade later, the first residents of the lake settled in and worked in lumbering and farming to make their living.

The deepest part of the lake is estimated to exceed 100 feet and the lake is home to numerous PA-native fish. Boating, swimming, and fishing are popular pastimes of residents and hiking trails and camping spots are located nearby.


  • Lake Lehman School District
  • Wyoming Seminary Preparatory Schools
  • Wyoming Valley Montessori School
  • MMI & Scranton Preparatory Schools
  • Abundant Restaurants & Shopping
  • Golf, Boating, Skiing & All Recreation
  • Harvey’s Lake & Back Mountain Trail
  • Historic Hillside Farms
  • Luzerne County Fair
  • Back Mountain Library
  • Ricketts Glen State Park and Hiking Trails
  • Frances Slocum State Park
  • A variety housing styles & price ranges


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