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View properties and homes for sale in Lehman Township! Located in the beautiful Back Mountain area of Luzerne County, Lehman is a residential and agricultural community composed of Lehman, Meeker, Silkworth, and Huntsville (also in Jackson Township). The Lake-Lehman School District encompasses communities in both Luzerne and Wyoming counties, including five townships and the borough of Harveys Lake.

In 1829, Lehman Township was formed with land taken from Dallas. In 1801, Nehemiah Ide and Jeremiah Brown came from Stockbridge, Massachusetts and made the first permanent settlement. Over the course of the decade, more settlers arrived. Fayette Allen came from Jackson Township in 1819 and as the first carpenter. Jonathan Heusted was the first blacksmith with his shop at Huntsville.

Lehman has been the home of PennState Wilkes-Barre campus in 1968. Richard and Helen Robinson donated their 54-acre estate for the school. The property was originally owned John and Bertha Conyngham and included the Hayfield house, an impressive 1930s stone mansion. The University is home to the Friedman Art Gallery which exhibits student work. The Friedman Observatory is sometimes open to the public to view the skies using their 16-inch (0.40 meter) Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain LX200 telescope.

Every September, the Luzerne County Fair is held in Nearby Dallas. The Huntsville Golf Club has been ranked as the 5th Best Golf Course in Pennsylvania. Huntsville also offers fine dining.

Lehman is only minutes away from Harveys Lake and 13 miles from Wilkes-Barre.


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  • Golf, Boating & Outdoor Recreation
  • Huntsville Gold Flub
  • Huntsville Reservoir
  • Luzerne County Fair
  • Back Mountain Library
  • 11 Areas Colleges & Universities



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