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Shickshinny, Pennsylvania

See new property listings and browse homes for sale in Shickshinny. Located within the Northwest Area School District, Shickshinny residents enjoy suburban living with the convenience of the city nearby.

Shickshinny is located along US Route 11 between Nanticoke and Berwick. Its name likely means “Five Mountains” in the language of local Native Americans. Five Mountains meet at the local Shickshinny river.

The first settlers of Shickshinny are believed to have been settlers who traveled to the area from Connecticut. They established the town by buying land, establishing the area post office, building bridges, farms, and more.

Coal played a large role in Shickshinny’s development. Coal was harvested in the area during the early 1800s. Railways and roads furthered the development of the town, connecting them to outside towns and cities.

The Susquehanna Warrior Trail, an old rail road bed, runs through Shickshinny Park. This is a great place to unwind on a walk, run, or bike ride! Shickshinny is located alongside the Susquehanna River and Route 11 provides easy access to nearby cities.


  • Northwest Area School District
  • The Lands at Hillside Farms
  • Rickets Glen State Park
  • Francis Slocum State Park
  • Harvey’s Lake and Back Mountain Trail
  • Back Mountain Library
  • Luzerne County Fair
  • 11 Area Colleges & Universities
  • A variety housing styles & price ranges



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