Corporate Relocation Program

The purpose of our Corporate Relocation Department is to partner with local companies in introducing and promoting our area to potential transferees. Lewith & Freeman’s relocation tour reviews the benefits of life in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The focus of our tours is on educational offerings, cultural events, recreational opportunities and community happenings. A sampling of housing is also reviewed to give the transferee a feel for the variety of housing available. Our main focus is to provide tours that showcase the area in the most positive way.

Types of Tours

  • General tour of the area.
  • General tour plus a few sampling houses.
  • General tour plus in-depth housing search.

Our Agents plan ahead so we can custom design the tour to fit the interests of each individual client. After spending some time with the transferee and his/her family, our agents have a solid idea of their interests, special requirements and housing specifications. More importantly, the transferee should have a strong feel for the area and housing so that he/she will be prepared to accept job offers that may be extended to him/her.

Please contact our Corporate Relocation Specialists: Marcie Petrucelli at (570) 714-9267 or e-mail or Sally Rothstein, (570) 714-9233, to schedule a meeting to find out how we can help sell your prospective employees on the best our area has to offer.

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